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You - a student - are enrolled on a mission as a scientific advisor. You should be able to look through the smoke screen and find a solid scientific explanation on how climate change has affected the country you are going to cvisit (Jordan, China or Kiribati). You will be prepared by Mrs Money penny with the newest scientific knowledge relating to the problem of the selected country ( missing water, pollution or water rise) Here you will solve equations, calculate and gain an understanding of the specific problem related to this region After passing the test you go to the shipment portal to be beemed out to a hot spot in the World (using VR) to meet a special witness.

Your findings will be discussed at the local climate panel where you will produce a film and interact with other students around the World.

Not only will Biosphere VR show a more entertaining way to knowledge.

It will also be more effective in making the students remember the science that they have encountered along the way.


The learning process consists of students work creatively in groups writing, drawing, outplaying scenarios to help formulate and address the challenges shown in the films. The materials build on design thinking, Bandura’s theory on self-efficacy, and an understanding of education as a means to active global citizenship.

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