Kirabati Fanning Island Aerial.GeorgiaInstTech-729674.jpg
Kirabati Fanning Island Aerial.GeorgiaInstTech-729674.jpg


My Drowning Island



My Drowning Island


Experience one: MY DROWNING ISLAND.

You are transported to the south pacific Island of Kiribati - the lowest lying place on Earth and the most vulnerable because the smallest rise in sea levels will be felt here.

The Irony is that the threat is a product of the melting of ice at the Arctic. So in a way it comes from you & me.

Step into the body of the President Anote Tong who remembers when he was a boy playing at places that are now many feet under of water.

How can we turn the situation around? At what cost? How do you convince the rest of the World to save the lives of Kiribati inhabitants?

Are you ready to play our game?




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Featured at the VR festival cinema


Presented at COP-23 in Bonn


This film shows Anote´s great work. Please see it when you can.





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